Our Father's Music Business (OFMB) is a Gospel Recording Group that is committed to spreading the Good News of Our Lord and Saviour YESHUA HAMASHIACH, translated JESUS THE MESSIAH

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, West Indies, OFMB's musical entree is a fusion of Gospel, Reggae & Soul. The OFMB team endeavours to present "Music That Feeds The Soul". The music is contemporary while paying homage to the past. The group's lyrical content is based on the Word of God. Therefore, it always edifies, encourages and shares the salvation message with those who don't know the Truths of Christ. 


Warmongers is based on Revelation 13. The mission of the Warmongers song is to combat the Warfare and Violence that plagues our world. Warmongers is SOLID-ROCK FUSION. The single is fast paced and pointed. Wayne Wilkins-Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar. Mack Brandon-Keyboards.Andrea Valentini-Drums. Katalys Crew Studio Singers-Backing Vocals. Tennyson Walters-Acoustic Guitar-Writer-Producer. Dave Kowalski-Recording-Mixing-& Mastering Engineer. Tim Boyce-Audio Video-Mastering Engineer. 




Under The Shadow Of The Most High Psalm 91, speaks of the love and protection that GOD provides for His Children. The song is very positive and uplifting, it is, Roots-Rock-Reggae to the core. Wayne Wilkins-Lead GuitarAnd Bass Guitar, Mack Brandon-Keyboards, Andrea Valentni-Drums, Katalys Crew Studio Singers-Backing Vocals, Tennyson Walters-Acoustic Guitar-Writer-Producer, Dave Kowalski-Recording And Mixing Engineer, Gordon Bahary-Mastering Engineer.


Your Love Is My One Desire, Is a celebration of love.,as expoused in: GENESIS 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother,and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Your Love Is My One Desire, is a fusion of Soul &Jazz.Wayne Wilkins-Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar, Mack Brandon-Keyboards,  Andrea Valentini- Drums, Katalys Crew Studio Singers,Backing Vocals.Tennyson Walters-Acoustic Guitar-Wrier -Producer. Dave Kowalski-Recording Engineer,Gordon Bahary-Mixing and Mastering Engineer.


The Wild Wild West song, is a fusion of, ROOTS+ROCK+REGGAE. It speaks to the evils of gun violence .The Wild Wild West points to, ROMANS 6:23, Which States, For The Wages Of Sin Is Death, But The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life In Christ Jesus Our Lord. OFMB: Lead Vocals. Wayne Wilkins: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar. Mack Brandon: Keyboards. Andrea Valentini: Drums. Katalys Crew Studio Singers: Backing Vocals. Tennyson Walters: Acoustic Guitar, Writer And Producer. Dave KowalskiL Recording Engineer. Gordon Bahary: Mixing And Mastering Engineer. 


God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Bear, encourages belivers to stand firm on The Word Of God. The song highlights Deuteronomy 31:8, which States : The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. OFMB: Lead Vocals, Wayne Wilkins: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar. Mack Brandon: Keyboards. Christopher "SkyJuice" Burt: Percussion. Andrea Valentini: Drums. Katalys Crew Studio Singers: Backing Vocals. Tennyson Walters: Acoustic Guitar, Writer And Producer. Dave Kowalski: Recording Engineer. Gordon Bahary: Mixing And Mastering Engineer. 


Jesus Is The Christ In Christmas, is a Celebration and Commemoration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The song underlines the Truth that Jesus Christ is "The Reason For The Season", of Christmas. 

OFMB:Lead Vocals, Wayne Wilkins: Bass Guitar, And Lead Guitar, Gordon Bahary, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Grafton Studio Singers,Backing Vocals. Tennyson Walters, Acoustic Guitar, Writer And Producer, Grafton Studio Singers, Backing Vocals, Dave Kowalski, Recording Engineer,  Gordon Bahary, Mixing And Mastering Engineer 


Girl,You're So Beautiful is a New Single, from OFMB. It is a, Poetic, Soulful and Melodic,  Mid-Tempo song. The single, lovingly, sings the praises of a Woman. Girl, You're So Beautiful, adoringly portrays her scintillating characteristics as she reflects God's Brilliance. Girl, You're So Beautiful is under-girded by Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty 

is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. The song was recorded in New Jersey, U.S.A and Kingston, Jamaica. 
OFMB: LEAD VOCALS. Wayne Wilkins: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano. Troy "Drum Rat" Auxilly- Wilson: Drums. Christopher "Sky Juice" Burt: Percussion. Tennyson Walters: Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter, Producer. Grafton Studio Singers: Background Vocals. Recording and Mixing Engineer: Dave Kowalski: Recording and Mixing Engineer. Gordon Bahary: Mixing and Mastering Engineer. OFMB, prays that each person that listens to the song, will hear the Word of God, Feel His Presence, and Glorify His Name! OFMB, Endeavours to Present; "Music That Feeds The Soul".



Africa The Motherland, Is the New single from OFMB. The song pays homage, to Africa, The Birthplace of creation, and The Frontier of civilization. The song is Lively, Vivacious, Melodic and Rhythmic. Africa The Motherland was recorded in New Jersey and Kingston, Jamaica. The song was mixed and mastered in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Featured Singer: OFMB

Backing Vocals: Grafton Studio Singers, Kingston, Jamaica. 

Featured Musicians: Wayne Wilkins: Bass and Acoustic Guitars. Myles Howell: Drums. Christopher "Sky Juice" Burt: Percussion. Tennyson Walters: Acoustic Guitar. Writer And Producer.

Recording Engineer: Dave Kowalski.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Rohan Dwyer 

Plant The Seed (Redux):

Featured Singers: Greg Hollister, Phil Johnson, Yannick Manigat, Patrick McMillian, Saundra Williams, Haidee Ortega, Courtney Bradley and (The True Worship Choir).

Featured Musicians: Dave Anthony, Bill Brady, Guilherme Franco, Tom Colao, Frank Elmo, Sean Mcannaly, Dan Nigro,  Conrad Zulauf, Lou Argese and Tennyson Walters: Writer And Producer.

Soul Infusion (Redux):

Featured Singers: Kevin Webb, Saundra Williams, and Greg Hollister

Featured Musicians: Bill Brady, Ben Gramm, Wayne Wilkins, Jim Leahey, Armen Halburian, Frank Elmo, Lou Argese and Tennyson Walters: Acoustic Guitar, Writer And Producer.

Speak Peace (Redux):

Featured Singers: Kevin Webb, Greg Hollister, Alice Leon, Saundra Williams, and Phil Johnson.


Featured Musicians: Bill Brady, Ben Gramm, Wayne Wilkins, Jim Leahey, Frank Elmo, Sean Mcannaly, Armen Halburian, Lou Argese and Tennyson Walters:Acoustic Guitar,Writer And Producer.

Reggae For Christ Volume 1:

Featured Singers: Judy Mowatt, Andrew Lawrence, Kevin Downswell, Paul "Limey" Murray, Katalys Crew ( Jai Kingston and Radic),  T.N.J., Mikey Spice, and Kellian Bernard.

Featured Musicians: Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Dean Fraser, Earl " Chinna" Smith, Wilburn "Squidly" Cole, Glen Browne, Dalton Browne, Othniel Lewis, Winston "Bopee" Bowen, Alex "Blacken" Martin, Billy Lawrence,Raymond "Bowie" McLaughlin, Usiah "Sticky" Thompson, Errol "African Graham,Harry T Powell, Kirk Bennett, Michael "Mikey Spice" Johnson, Dwight Davis, Errol Hurd, Christopher Burt, George Miller, Danny Lewis, Deleon "Jubba" White,Paul Barclay, Clifton Johnny Clark, Courick Clarke, Garnet Gibson, and Colin "Ruff Cut" White. Tennyson Walters: Writer And Producer.

Reggae For Christ Vol 2 (Love Tree Inn):

Featured Singers: Jerry Harris, Leary Marshall, Dion Bocage, Joanne Williams, Deep, Kris Bentley, Bud, Richie Stephens and Jeni Fujita.

Featured Musicians: Peter Tulloch, Donovan McKitty, Karl Wright, Horace James, Derrick Barnett, Roger Moodie, Andy Bashford, Jerry Harris, Kevin Bachelor, Jerry Johnson, and Tennyson Walters: Writer And Producer.

Please kindly keep the Ministry of OFMB in prayer. Thank you.